In this YouTube video, I will show you how easy it is to make a lot of money by creating residential virtual tours using the Matterport system.

Over the past 4 years, I have created 1000’s of virtual tours – from residential real estate to scanning a lake in the middle of the desert and everything in between!

Using a Matterport scanner is easy

0:005:00 Intro

5:006:45 Walking into a Residential Property

6:459:05 Preparing the space

9:0510:15 What I do before getting started

10:1515:08 Setting up Tripod height / Tripod tips

15:0818:19 Connecting iPad to Camera 18:1920:49 Tips before getting started 20:4943:50 Starting the scan. Giving tips & tricks as I’m scanning

43:5056:00 Scanning Hallways / scanning thresholds

56:001:08:32 How to properly scan staircases

1:08:331:17:19 Continuing scanning; scanning lower level

1:17:201:19:45 What to do when you’re done scanning

1:19:461:30:11 Adding windows/mirror/trim markers before uploading

1:30:121:33:38 Re-cap


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