Kelsey’s Kabin

Custom-made Cabin, lots of natural light, skylight, amazing views!

Welcome to ‘Kelsey’s Kabin’!

I am selling my beautiful 20’ tiny house. This was custom made in the fall of 2016 (designed by me) by two local contractors. I lived in it for 3 years, and I absolutely loved it! It really helped me learn how to downsize and embrace the minimalist lifestyle, but now I’m ready to let someone else enjoy this gorgeous cabin! This will look adorable in your backyard-perfect for your mother in law, grown kids, or guests. Then, you can take it on the road when you get sick of the view! The cabin has a simple, clean, classic look to it, with cedar lap siding on the outside and pine tongue-and-groove shiplap siding on the inside. It even still has that woodsy cabin smell to it! Finished with a metal, emerald green roof, and 10 windows, giving it tons of natural light.

Other features include a skylight, which gives incredible views of the sky-day and night. Newly updated (bathroom remodeled) with a brand-new bathroom barn door and new plumbing, new flooring, and new roofing. Stairs are equipped with non-slip treads for safety, and there are wash/dryer hook ups, in case you want to add a unit later. Appliances include a 4.5 cu.ft. mini fridge with full freezer, 2 burner cooktop propane stove, tankless on-demand water heater (half electric, half propane), and Bluetooth shower head with removable speaker.

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  • Total Dimensions 8' x 20'
  • Interior Square Footage Excluding Lofts 164 sq. ft


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Kelsey’s Kabin